Branding, UI Design, Illustration, Art Direction
a hammonds family business

Function + Fashion

I am the Creative Director and Lead Designer for my family's business, Vinrella—manufacturer of the bottle umbrella. My mother, the founder, and I work together to bring our umbrellas to stores around the country. We are also expanding the breadth of our line to other modern rain accessories including hats and other types of umbrellas.

I design all products, maintain the online store, work on signage, create ads, catalogs and much more. Currently, I work out of San Francisco, managing the brand and developing new designs while my family runs the business back home. I can't wait to see what the future of Vinrella holds!
Full view of Vinrella bottle collection designed by Nicole Hammonds
Three Vinrella umbrella designs
Designed to Surprise
Vinrella wine bottle umbrellas have become one America's top gift items thanks to our fun designs and element of surprise. People love how unexpected it is to open up a bottle and find an umbrella.
Produced with Care
We have spent years improving the quality of our umbrellas, paying close attention to the materials used in the frames, the softness of the fabric and the durability of our mold. 
Original Artwork
I find inspiration for my designs in fashion, nature, urban architecture and styles from around the world. We keep our retailers excited about our new patterns and release new designs every season.
Product design

Pattern Perfection

My patterns are bold, geometric and modern. It's important that the bottles are attention-grabbing because many people don't know what's inside. The brightly colored designs are what spark a shopper's curiosity. My favorite current designs can all be purchased online or found at a gift shop near you.
Vinrella Modern Rain Accessories Carry your Color
Vinrella Modern Rain Accessories Enjoy the Rain
Vinrella Modern Rain Accessories Stay in Style
Vinrella Modern Rain Accessories Dare to Be Bold
Vinrella Modern Rain Accessories Always Stay Dry
Each season I update our catalog and help plan photoshoots. With this work, every piece of clothing counts when it's being shot on a model. Hence, bright colors being worn must work with the products shown. Similarly, the brighter colored products work better with more subdued clothing. 
Vinrella Marketing materials showing catalog and business card design
UI Design

Responsive Shopify Website

Using the Shopify eCommerce system, I built and designed, where customers can purchase our products and wholesale buyers can sign up for an account, placing orders for their retail locations. I keep up the blog and write about inspiration and exciting announcements. The site design is an extension of our new branding system that has been evolving since we started Vinrella. 
Art direction & Video Editing

Product Feature Video

I art directed and produced the video above to showcase how our product works. To bring the clip to life, I hired videographer, Brian Wong, and two models, Marissa Horton and Paige Fraser. Next, I found a studio and worked with Brian to storyboard out the clip. Finally, I planned the clothes for each girl to match the umbrellas they would be modeling. In the end, I cut the shots and set the clip to music.