Let’s Create Change with Creativity

I recently read this article by Paul Jarvis, a fellow designer and writer. The article talks about the power of creativity in the modern world. For all you creative people out there, it’s time to realize that we have the tools to spread information, generate funds, move people and create change.

I attended the Women’s March in San Francisco and saw so many people standing up for their rights. Normally, I don’t even like politics! But I do love my friends and family members who are women, gay, muslim, black, immigrants and just general citizens of Planet Earth.

Plan of Action

So that brings me to my plan to use my creative power for change. Recently, I bought some paints and started water coloring as a side hobby. I paint nature, animals and things that inspire me. I’ve gotten some great responses to the work and have been encouraged to start selling. It dawned on me recently that I could use a portion of the sales to support a cause i feel strongly about.

After watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, Before the Flood, I felt a real urgency to work on preventing climate change and the serious problems that it could lead to. Our children and grandchildren need to have clean air, safe drinking water, and a habitable world. I would also like it if they could see a glacier and a coral reef. Because the reefs rock!

Comment Please!

Check out some of the work I have created so far. I would love any feedback about what imagery you would like to see and also what organizations are out there. Some that have been brought to my attention thus far are nextgenclimate.org, forestsforever.org and 350bayarea.org. Comment below if you have a suggestion!


  • Mary Beth
    Love the water colors!
  • Huda
    That all looks amazing! I love the idea!!!
  • Kathir Pal
    Great work! #NeverLeafMe!
    • Nicole Hammonds
      hahaha, I know...I just had to write that.
  • Rebecca Frank
    You rock!!! Your watercolor skills are progressing SO quickly! I.am.amazed. They are exquisite! I suggest looking up species that are endangered do to land degradation and paint em! It's their Earth too!! XOXOXO
    • Nicole Hammonds
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q Check out this vid! So cool. Yes I love that idea!
      • Rebecca Frank
        Wow. That is so so cool!!! <3
  • Hannah

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